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Lost Book Herbal Remedies

The Lost Book
Of Herbal Remedies

By Nicole Apelian 
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Medical Gatekeeping and Your Health

The advancement of technology in our modern world has improved every imaginable aspect of human life. But with technological advances, comes the increasing necessity for experts to guide average people through new processes and developments. We see this most often in our daily lives when we interact with medical professionals.

Medical Advancement

Whenever we are sick or hurt, there are few options to find a solution available outside of visiting a doctor or nurse practitioner. The world of medicine has always been one that seemed to require a high level of technical proficiency to understand. And we’re often told that we should never take our health and physical welfare into our own hands. We must leave it to the professionals.

When we look at the landscape of health and wellness in our world, there appears to be a major contradiction in what we are told and what we can observe. If, in fact, traditional medicine is always the best way to treat the human body, then why are chronic and deadly illnesses so much a part of our everyday modern lives? Is it possible that there may be other methods of treating the human body that remove the gatekeepers, high costs, and uncertain outcomes?

Meet Dr. Nicole Apelian

Nicole Apelian

Dr. Apelian has no shortage of traditional training. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, a Master’s Degree in Ecology, and a Doctoral Degree in Anthropology and Ethnobotany. She spent her life living and working with the indigenous tribes of the Kalahari Desert, and developing health remedies and supplements using her professional expertise and their traditional tribal treatments.

But it was through her own diagnosis with a chronic disease, Multiple Sclerosis, that Dr. Apelian discovered her purpose and true calling. It wasn’t long after her diagnosis that Dr. Apelian found herself bedridden, suffering in spite of all of the best treatments traditional medicine had to offer. It was at this point that Dr. Apelian had to put her academic training to work. She researched treatments and remedies to her own condition and, after adapting her treatment and lifestyle, she overcame her debilitating disease.

Dr. Apelian used her knowledge to discover systems and treatments that helped her to transcend her own illness, and she knew she wanted to bring her remedies to the world.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

Dr. Apelian knew that if she could heal from her chronic condition, there were many people who could benefit from her decades of knowledge and research. In her nearly thirty years of study and practice, Dr. Apelian had discovered a variety of all-natural remedies, including:

She set about creating the most complete and detailed possible reference to all of her knowledge in a single, user-friendly volume.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies came to be after Dr. Apelian was cast on The History Channel’s series “Alone” and went on to survive for fifty-seven days in the wilderness. During these days, Dr. Apelian only had access to the resources in her immediate environment and survived mostly on the plants she could find. This second practical application of her knowledge was the final test to prepare for her creation of The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

What You’ll Find in The Book

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies allows you to access the information based on what your specific needs are.

Inside The Book

By using a simply organized and varied system of reference, The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies becomes the perfect guide for newcomers and lifelong herbalists alike. This is the only practical reference and field guide to herbal remedies you will ever need.

With bright color photographs for plant identification and clear, easy-to-follow instructions, The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is designed to make identifying plants for home remedies totally foolproof.

Inside This Deal

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies helps you achieve the holistic herbal results you are seeking, but that’s not all you’ll get when you order.

Lost Book Herbal Remedies

Complete  The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

In Dr. Nicole Apelian’s The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies: The Healing Power of Plant Medicine, you’ll find the herbal remedies that our grandparents used and discover the forgotten power of plants, and much more.

Medicinal Garden

Bonus #1  80-Square-Feet Medicinal Garden in Your Backyard

Included in this gift is the 80-Square-Feet SHTF Medicinal Garden guide with all the instructions you need to grow your own herbal remedies in the privacy of your backyard.

Everyday Disaster Medicine

Bonus #2  Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook

This step-by-step guide to survival medicine will tell you all you need to know about the most common health hazards people face during a disaster and how to treat them naturally.

The Lost Book
Of Herbal Remedies
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